• Free Media or Free Thinker?

    Free Media or Free Thinker?0

    The question of what is ‘free media’? It derives its meaning from ‘free thinking’. What is ‘free thinking’ then? It is the possibility of thinking without any ‘blinkers’ on. No inhibitions, no weird opinions, an accurate thinker, if you like. Free media should actually embrace libertarian values.  Journalists are the fourth estate in line of

  • Applications and brochures of the Journalism Awards for Excellence

    Applications and brochures of the Journalism Awards for Excellence0

    The closing date to receive applications for Journalism Awards for Excellence 2019 has been extended to Friday, November 20, 2020 due to the prevailing health situation. Applicants, please note that there will be no further extension. Brochure (E)-1 Application Form (E)

  • UN watchdog reaffirms: Peaceful protests a ‘fundamental human right’0

    GENEVA -As authorities worldwide grapple with swelling demonstrations over issues like political rights and racial justice, a UN committee on July 29, reaffirmed that protesting peacefully, online or in person, is a fundamental human right. The independent experts on the Human Rights Committee published a fresh interpretation of the right to peaceful assembly, offering comprehensive