• National newspapers resolve 207 complaints on a self-regulation basis0

    National newspapers resolved 207 complaints from aggrieved readers directly on a self-regulation basis last year while the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka (PCCSL) received 76 complaints for adjudication under the voluntary mechanism set up by the industry back in 2003. The annual report of the PCCSL for 2020 presented by its Chief Executive Officer,

  • Google signs contracts with German publishers in row over copyright0

    BERLIN- Google announced on Thursday (18) it has signed its first contracts with German publishers following the introduction of a new law that gives more rights to news publishers online. The agreements were signed, among others, with news magazine Der Spiegel, newspapers Die Zeit, Tagesspiegel, and Stroeer’s online news website t-online.de. The companies confirmed the

  • Are people lying more since the rise of social media and smartphones?

    Are people lying more since the rise of social media and smartphones?0

    By David Markowitz Technology has given people more ways to connect, but has it also given them more opportunities to lie? You might text your friend a white lie to get out of going to dinner, exaggerate your height on a dating profile to appear more attractive or invent an excuse to your boss over