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Complaint Form English

I/we enclose herewith:

(a) A photocopy/print out of the newspaper article/magazine/Journal/Online publication against which the complaint is hereby made; and (b) the complaint based thereon.

I/We have read and understood the Rules and Procedures which will be followed by the PCCSL in addressing the complaint made hereby and confirm that I/we agree to the Rules and Procedures of the PCCSL.

I/we acknowledge that the settlement arrived at consequent to the conciliation/mediation/arbitration of a dispute shall be final and conclusive and shall not be challenged in a Court of Law, except on a procedural defect.

NOTE: A claim may be made by a third party which falls into one of the categories specified below. The categories thus specified are not exhaustive. The PCCSL may at its complete discretion, accept or reject a third party complaint.

The categories for third party complaint are:

Environmental Groups, Animal Welfare Groups, Adults on behalf of minors, an immediate family member of an accident victim, an immediate family member of a person in custody and anyone complaining on behalf of another provided the prior written permission of the person personally affected is obtained.

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